The Answer is Hell Naw: Why I Am Committing To Saying NO in 2016

I am, regretfully, guilty of being a people pleasing yes lady. It is not my greatest character trait and it gets me into a shit ton of situations that I don’t exactly love. This is why, in 2016, I am saying hell naw a hundred times more. For example:

  1. Can I borrow some money?
    Hell naw!
  2. Do you want to come to my event?
    Hell naw!
  3. Can I take you out for a few drinks and conversation?
    Hell naw!
  4. Are you single?
    Hell naw!
  5. Can you do a little overtime?
    Hell naw!

    You get the point. Being able to say no when you actually don’t want to do something instead of saying yes to please others is one of the most self empowering things you can do. Iyanla Vanzant said something along the lines of, what’s in your cup is for you. What’s running over is for everyone else. Essentially, it is imperative that you make yourself a priority even if that means saying no a bit more than you say yes. When you are good and taken care of, then you can reach out and give your time, energy, and effort to others.

    What’s in your cup is for you. What’s running over is for everyone else. 

    So, take a lesson or two from me and incorporate the answer HELL NAW! into your life a little bit more. In 2016, make yourself and your needs a priority.



  1. I can relate to this! I have overwhelmed myself this year by bending over backwards for people. 2016 will definitely be about ME for a change.

    ~ Zeena


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