My Go To Natural Hairstyle

The Twist, Roll, & Pin!

We all know that when we are in a mad rush to get out of the house and our hair is not cooperating, frustration ensues. One of the only ways to alleviate that frustration is to create a perfect go to hairstyle that is fast, cute, and work with all hairy situations. Here is my 5 minute or less go to hairstyle:




  1. I usually leave my hair in knots on my head, and when the time to go out, I untwist them for waves. Its low maintenance and I usually am complimented for the afro-centric look when I don’t untwist them.


  2. […] 1. Protective styling- I love letting my hair bounce about in the wind just as much as the next natural. But, the constant combing, braiding just to unbraid the next day can take a toll on my hair when it is so susceptible to breakage thanks to the ultra drying winter air. Now, protective styles do not have to be an entire production of finding a stylist to install your Poetic Justice braids. After washing my hair, I will moisturize and put it in 4 big braids to stretch it. Once it is stretched, I will put it in a style that has my hair tucked away like this one. […]


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